Reverse Osmosis System
Mintech FRP Tank With
Multiport Valve &      Accessories
Reverse Osmosis      Membrane
UV & Ozone Generator
Industrial Pump
Water Filter Cartridge
Filter & RO Membrance      Housing
Laboratory Water      Purification with EDI
Battery Water Purification      System
Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle      Washing, Rising, Filling &      Capping Machine
Household Reverse      Osmosis System
Sewage/Effluent/Waste      Water Treatment
Central Water Treatment
Arsenic Water Treatment

Central Water Treatment System
Central Water Treatment Plant: Our range of Central Drinking Water Plant for Hospital, Apartments, Drinking Water Purifier Garments Factory Workers in Bangladesh, UV and RO Drinking Water Purifier Garments Factory Workers in Bangladesh, and Industrial Mineral Water Plant is efficiently used for purification of drinking water. The plant is appreciated for easy installation and easy operation. Our plant successfully removes Iron, Hardness, suspended solids and other impurities at different levels. It also reduces the alkaline and pH level of the water and makes the raw water disinfected and sterilized. Besides softening of water, it also eliminates chlorine without leaving any residue. The drinking water system consists of feed water supply unit, Treatment systems, Membrane, Filter assembly unit, RO pumping units; permeate treatment and storage unit and cleaning unit. Pure Water Purifier for Home Housing and Building, UV Pure Water Purifiers for Garments industry Dhaka Bangladesh, Water Filter for Garments Factory Dhaka Bangladesh, Garments Factory Pure Drinking Water Facility Treatment Water Dhaka Bangladesh, Garments Worker Drinking Water Solutions

Raw Water           Pure Water

Central Water Treatment Plant

Central Water Treatment Plant
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