Reverse Osmosis System
Mintech FRP Tank With
Multiport Valve &      Accessories
Reverse Osmosis      Membrane
UV & Ozone Generator
Industrial Pump
Water Filter Cartridge
Filter & RO Membrance      Housing
Laboratory Water      Purification with EDI
Battery Water Purification      System
Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle      Washing, Rising, Filling &      Capping Machine
Household Reverse      Osmosis System
Sewage/Effluent/Waste      Water Treatment
Central Water Treatment
Arsenic Water Treatment

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Osmonic Water Filtration Process and Osmonic Pump has adopted latest advanced Hi-Tech, introducing foreign advanced equipment's and Pump, using imported spun polypropylene cartridge made by special spun technology with loose outline, high density core, fine filtration effect and longer service life properties to make water filtrative devices. We import products from USA, Europe, Thailand China and many other countries of the world. Our assembled & distributed R.O. products with quality are as good as foreign companies in this field. All water purifier products are made in accordance with the international standard and R.O. products with components are sold to whole Bangladesh, India and other Asian Country.

Our Osmonic Pump Unit is dealing with medical equipments and Medical Pump, Specially Dialysis Machine Pump, Hemodialysis Water Treatment Plant Pump /Dialysis water treatment plant Pump / renal dialysis water treatment plant Pump, Dialyzer and dialysis related other components Pump






Model Power
BJZ 037 220V/50Hz 0.37
Model Power
BJZ 075 220V/50Hz 0.55

Model Power
BJZ 100 220V/50Hz 0.75

Model Power
BJZ 150 220V/50Hz 1.5
Model Power
BLC 100 220V/50Hz 1.0
Model Power
BLC 150 220V/50Hz 1.5

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