Reverse Osmosis System
Mintech FRP Tank With
Multiport Valve &      Accessories
Reverse Osmosis      Membrane
UV & Ozone Generator
Industrial Pump
Water Filter Cartridge
Filter & RO Membrance      Housing
Laboratory Water      Purification with EDI
Battery Water Purification      System
Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle      Washing, Rising, Filling &      Capping Machine
Household Reverse      Osmosis System
Sewage/Effluent/Waste      Water Treatment
Central Water Treatment
Arsenic Water Treatment


Weighing Filling Machine
Type Weighting Range Filling Speed Air Supply Power Supply
FM-SW/20L 5-20kg 120-150pcs/hour 165L/min AC220v - 50HZ
Lids / Caps Pressing Machine
Type Capping Range Capping Speed Capping Plate Size Power Supply
FC-P 5-20kg 20L @ 150pcs/H
4 - 10L @ 00pcs/H
165L/min AC220v - 50HZ
Semi-Auto Liquid Filler
Type Capping Range Filling Speed Air Supply Power Supply
10-40pcs/min 10-40pcs/min AC220v - 50HZ
FM-SLV/250 30-250ml 10-40pcs/min 10-40pcs/min
FM-SLV/500 100-500ml 10-30pcs/min 10-30pcs/min
FM-SLV/1000 200-1000ml 10-25pcs/min 10-25pcs/min
FM-SLV/2000 500-2000ml 05-15pcs/min 05-15pcs/min
FM-SLV/5000 1000-5000ml 05-15pcs/min 05-15pcs/min
Semi-Auto Double Nozzle Filling Machine
Type Filling Range Filling Speed Air Supply Power Supply
08-14pcs/min 400L/min AC220v - 50HZ
FM-SDV/1000 500-1000ml 12-20pcs/min 300L/min
FM-SDV/500 100-500ml 20-30pcs/min 200L/min
Automatic Weighing filling machine
Type Filling Range Filling Speed Filling Head Power Supply
FM-ASW/20L/2 20L 300 Barrel/H 2 AC220v - 50HZ
FM-ASW/20L/3 420 Barrel/H 3
FM-ASW/20L/4 540 Barrel/H 4
FM-ASW/20L/6 720 Barrel/H 6
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